Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I did today...

Well, today started out, um... well, early. We received a phone call from a client at 6:10 am. Man, what a brusk way to start the day, but at least it was early enough that the problem was easily solved with minimum downtown to the store. And yes, it was a call that required someone to go Onsite, so off went Guy with his workout clothes on and a baseball cap and he ran out the door.

Things calmed down so I walked the kids to school and walked back. Made a phone call to our phone vendor to get them to help me with setting up our voicemail system (not an easy task, I'll tell ya)... That took an hour in itself.

Did some troubleshooting calls, did some laundry, etc... oh, the joys of working from home...

Then I took the hose and started "power washing" to the best of my ability with a hose and spray nosel the fence. It really, really needed it... and tomorrow... I get to stain the portion of the fence that I got washed. Oh boy... I know you really want to join me, right? ah come on... you do!!! I can tell!!!

Well... off to tuck the little ones in for the night and get ready for another day.

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