Friday, October 31, 2008

Phabulous Photo Phriday - Halloween edition

Some pictures to enjoy for today...

Finally got pics off of Guy's camera and here they are...

First more from Arcadia's party:

Ken and his pumpkin creation

The Fairy Princess getting a heart and rainbow on her face

Time for the cake walk

Arcadia and one of her many "best friends"

These are pics from "Warbirds over the Rockies" These were the only two life size planes and the contrails that they left behind. It was really neat to see.

Pics from one of Ken's soccer games. His team did really really well this year. We were proud. About halfway through the "season" they changed their names from the "Yellowjackets" to the "Pirates". They loved that name and even got "tattoos" for playing well.

Well... that's all for now. We'll be taking pictures tonight for sure!

Have a

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arcadia's Fall Festival

Okay... so these are not the best pics (those are on Guy's camera in the car, I'll get them off later and post them then), but at least it's something... :)

This is Ken and a friend from his class - Tristan P.

Here's our little Fairy Princess. We took off the wings so she could sit and eat her pizza. The makeup is starting to melt a little in the first picture (it was hot in there). So she looks a little on the scary side... LOL I promise, better pictures are to follow!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phabulous Photo Phriday

I finally emptied my camera... took me long enough.

I've been a reading a blog called Hair Today and I've gotten a few ideas to try on Arcadia's hair. Here's one of the ones I tried. It's not perfect, but given that I'm working with a wiggle worm with a sensitive head... LOL

This is Ken and Arcadia in the front car for the Kiddy Roller Coaster at Elitch's. It was Arcadia's first time around three full times.

Fun at the Platte River... the kids LOVE throwing rocks in.

And this is the two of them running as fast as they can.... It was quite cute... :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Corn Maze

I just realized that I forgot to post about what we did this past Saturday. Okay... here's our Saturday...

First... wake up have breakfast (that's a duh, right?)

Then... kids watch cartoons (typical Saturday Morning right?) as they were watching those cartoons, I left for ballet and it turned out to be a private lesson as that I was the only one there (besides the teacher)

Came back home, changed into normal clothes and had Ken put on his soccer clothes. He had his last game that afternoon and it was great. He has progressed so much and he was so proud.

Then we tried to go to a pumpkin patch nearby, but it was soooo crowded! Did not look fun at all! So we kept on driving down the street and went to our local campaign headquarters and picked up new yard signs to support our choice for President, Senate, local Congress, etc.

And then Guy has a brilliant idea! We drove past a great looking corn maze/pumpkin patch a few weekends past... sure it was right outside Greeley, but that didn't bother us one bit! It was well worth the drive! We went to Fritzler's Maze. There was sooo much to do.

First we went through "The Creature". It was actually a lot of fun, but it was a maze in the dark! Ken and I got a little turned around and we ended up coming out of the maze too early. Oh well. Arcadia took a little more convincing, so Ken and I went first and let her know that it was fun and not scary at all. After that, Guy saw that they had Helicopter rides. Now none of us have ever been on a helicopter so we thought it would be fun. We had to go two to a ride so Ken went with Daddy and Arcadia went with me. It was a blast! I don't remember ever having so much fun... LOL

We got to see the maze from the air, it was so cool. Arcadia giggled and laughed and screamed the whole time.

After that we went through the 3-D Maze. That was neat. We had to wear special glasses that made the florescent paint stand out at us. Guy and I were impressed, the kids, not so much. Oh well...

Then onto the Corn Maze. Now... if you look closely, you can see at the bottom of the rms in FARMS the entrances are there. We entered through the M and came out of the R. There was a WHOLE other side for us to go through, but that first portion wore us down! We didn't think we'd ever get out of there. LOL

After the Maze, we let the kids play in a corn box (like a sand box, but with corn). They had a ball and Guy was taken back to his childhood on the farm.

Then we went on the Jumping Pillow... lots of fun, but poor Arcadia kept getting knocked down.
They also had a barrel train which I rode on with the kids and they had a blast, and then we went off to shoot corn cobs at targets. The kids loved that too.
I tell you, after that day, I was exhausted!

Parent Teacher Conferences

We have our Parent Teacher conference with Ken this afternoon. Guy's going because it's at the exact same time as Arcadia gets home and our neighbor is out of town and someone needs to be here to let her in the house, ya know?

I'll let y'all know how his conference goes...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finding treasures

While I was cleaning out the kid's closets I found these shoes:

Aren't they adorable? We got them for Arcadia's first Christmas from one of Guy's cousins. She always finds the cutest things that are made locally. Well... I looked them up and found them online now! The store is called "Monkey-Toes". They now have even cuter shoes and socks and they've been featured on Oprah because of Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise's baby). Gotta love em!!!

I so want to get Arcadia some of these:

There called LUV bug Mary Janes. They also have gift certificates so I can send them to girlfriends with little girly toes running around the house!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Guy and I attended the school's open house last night. It was very interesting, but it kind of shattered Guy's and My hopes on Ken and Arcadia going there. They work on a lottery system. First they look at who qualifies, those that don't are out (K&A definately qualify, we found that out last night). Then they fill slots from qualified siblings. Then they go in district and then out of district. Ughh... Nothing like being out of district. They only have 66 openings for Kindergarten and have around 6 siblings that are filling the first slots and they have 90 applications already received over all... now the applications also include all grades K to 8. Oh so much fun. All we can do is finish the paperwork and then pray. The good thing is is that if one of them gets in then the other is definately a shoe in!

Just keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Scores

We received Ken and Arcadia's scores today. Oh my, we have a challenge in front of us. The tester has notes and everything within her notes and it's really comforting that both kids are polite and courteous. LOL

Arcadia's a little brighter than Ken per the scores, but that's okay... ;) Ken is supposed to be using a laptop for note taking at school because his mind can't keep up with his writing. I guess I need to install that typing program for him on his computer so he can learn to type huh?

Now let's just pray that the school that we want to get them into will have room! Registration cut off is on January 30th. We have begun the process and are attending the open house on Thursday.

Hey... if all else fails... maybe I'll just homeschool....

Monday, October 13, 2008

So much for my costume ideas

I don't have the time... nor do I really want to make Wall-e out of a cardboard box. Can you imagine what his costume would be like if it was snowing that night? And he also has to wear it at least two times before that.

And there is NO way I'm making an EVE costume... nope... no way, no how...

And for those of you that aren't familiar with Wall-E and Eve... here are their pictures:
We have talked Ken into another costume (because the official Wall-E costume is sold out everywhere or it's over $100 and that's just ridiculous). I had him sit with me to look online at costumes and he decided on Indiana Jones... Yea!!! and Arcadia's going to be a Fairy Princess or just a Fairy, I don't know. Daddy is taking them shopping right now while I wait on hold with one of our vendors... oh the exciting life I lead. He is then taking them to dinner and I get to go to ballet with no intrusions!!! Woo hoo!!!
I'll post pictures of the two as soon as I can in costume... :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Fall!

Fall has certainly made it's presence known here! I mean going from 80 degree days to a day like today that only made it to the upper 50s. It's a bit nippy! I have to go through closets now and discard summer clothes that certainly won't fit my kiddos next year. I wonder if we'll have snow on the ground by Halloween again. Last year was great! No snow, just chilly...

Now... to work on those kiddos costumes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

And this week...

Let's see... quick summary of our weekend. We were on call this weekend. We were all going to go to Elitch's but that didn't happen. The phone kept ringing and so I was unable to go, but at least the kids had fun there with Daddy. Saturday I went to ballet and then came back to the phones acting just as nutty as a normal weekday. I was unable to get to Ken's game (where he scored a goal) and ended up being able to get away really easily in order to go to the grocery store since we were in desperate need of milk and what not.

Sunday we had the usual. Went on a bike ride with the kids after lunch now that Ken's gotten so good at it and did a tour of the playgrounds around us. Kids loved that! Watched a movie with Guy and that's about all.

Now... for this week's line up.... Ken has soccer practice tomorrow night and Thursday night. We have to miss his Pack meeting because of soccer, but they totally understand. Thursday night we also have Arcadia's ballet class. I have ballet tonight, hopefully it will be a really good workout for me...

Ken has spirit week at school. That means.. today he gets to wear Red (and jeans!), tomorrow is picture day, I still don't know what to dress him in, Wednesday is "Blast from the Past" - have no clue there either. I'm thinking a preppy boy from the 80's. We'll see. Thursday is sports day (which is PERFECT since he has soccer practice, he'll wear his uniform sans cleats) and Friday is Twin, Triplet, etc. day where he can dress like friends. I don't think he'll be doing that one, but what do I know?

Arcadia's going to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. I believe it's an early day for her, but I can't quite remember... her school will send out reminders.

Next Thursday, we (Guy and I) have to go to the new school for their open house to see how we as parent's feel about it. And Friday is Ken's "Harvest Hop" which is basically a carnival for the school. His teacher passes out candy and so the other room mom and I are trying to brainstorm ideas for decorating the door. I asked the teacher if she had any ideas what she wanted to be this year... she's trying to decide. I thought a book theme would be good. I have "The Wicked Witch of the West" costume she could use as well as a Goddess and a peasant girl from the reinessance era. I'm sure I could find books (like Odyssus or King Arthur) to fit those two costumes... we just have to have her make up her mind.... Ohh... I'm starting to get ideas!!! AND I still have to make the kids costumes... I have to find time for a trip to Michaels or Joann's to get what I need!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The testing

Well... we had the testing this morning. The kids did well. The tester stated that they are both very bright and both very well mannered. That was very nice to know. :) We get the results back in a week or two, but according to the examiner there is a very good chance they'll get into the school. Kepp your fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ken's update

Well... so far so good with Ken this week. Hopefully this post won't jinx the good week he's experiencing. His teacher has given him a book to read during the times that he's waiting for the rest of the class to catch up, etc. He has a great attitude and everything. I don't know what prompted the change, but hey... I'll keep it. He did, however, forget his homework today. Lovely... LOL So now I have the fun task of FINDING said folder to take with me when I pick him up this afternoon. Ken also did really well in soccer practice last night... they did some running up and down the field (sort of a race) and he was the fastest. That made him feel really good.

I'm starting to get prepared for our annual craft show coming up in November. My friend and I have a booth. I'm almost finished with two more bibs and I have a bunch of fabric measured and cut to make some notebook/pencil holders to sell. I have plenty of fabric, so I just need to get some binding material to make it a little stronger and not all flappy.

I have a busy month planned. Ken has soccer every Saturday this month and has practice every Tuesday and Thursday nights now until it's over. Ken has a "Harvest Hop" Festival at his school in a few weeks and his teacher asked if we room moms could come up with a "door" theme (each room on the first floor decorates their doors for prizes). I found some inexpensive (read: $1.00) strobe lights at Target so I got those... But I'm not sure what exactly we should do yet. I need to talk to the other mother. Arcadia's fall festival is the week after that and I'm helping out at the game booth. At least I don't have to come up with the games... Just man and decorate the booth. I'll be sure to take pictures. I also have to get Ken and Arcadia's costumes made. What have I gotten my self into!!! LOL Oh well... just pray I can talk Arcadia back into being a Fairy Princess so all I would have to make are wings.