Monday, August 8, 2011

School Daze

Now that I haven't posted in so long... I finally decide I need to post. LOL

The kids go back to school next weekend. That being said, they still have to go twice for testing (each) plus the Back to School ice cream social/meet the teacher on Friday, so it's like they are already back, wouldn't you say?

I was made a Squad Mom for the Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleaders this year. Yay. No... I don't get free/discounted tickets to the games because my job is to be with the girls... LOL You'd be surprised how often I get asked that. But I work with a great group of girls and a wonderful Big Cheerleader - Lelanna. :) She's great. And now that the football season is upon us, the girls are busier and busier. We have our first performance next weekend at the Saturday Preseason Game. We have practice this weekend at a different time, different place than normal. So much fun...

Thought I'd do a quick update! :) That's all for now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Fishing

For MLK day my kids went ice fishing with Daddy and Daddy's cousin Randy and his girls. Arcadia is the only one that lasted the entire time. LOL Ken caught one fish, it was too skinny, they threw it back and he decided he wanted to go sledding with his cousin Kayla instead. Arcadia ended up catching 6 fish. Four of them were either too small or sucker fish... didn't want to keep them. So we had trout for dinner and it was good. :) I'll post pictures and videos when I have them.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

JDBC Finale

We've done our last game. Arcadia did okay for not actually ever practicing except for today. Bad thing about being short is that you're in the front of the line (no one to watch performing)... Good thing about being short is that your in the front of the line (I can video her with no problems).

Here's both videos to enjoy. :)

Now for those of you that actually wanted to follow my Gluten-Free Blog - here's the link:

Gluten-Free in a Gluten-Loving Household

It's nothing much... Just a beginner's thing... but hey it's a start... ;)

Day two of 2011

Well... I made it through the first day with a lack of sleep type of hangover where all I wanted to do was lie down, but that didn't happen until I had to go make dinner.
Dinner did turn out well... Thank you Tyler Florence. I was pleasantly surprised. I did peel off all of the dough off of mine, but I know I still had a little flour in there also... Oh well...
Today is Arcadia's last Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleader performance. She's still up in the air on whether she wanted to do it again next year. She kept asking me if all her friends were doing it again. I only knew of two for sure, but she wanted to know the third one before she decided.
So I'll be packing up our lunch boxes and head on out this morning at 9:30 AM to be at the bus by 10AM to help check in the other girls. Of course a stop to Starbucks will happen first. I'm a permanent volunteer for the group so we have to be there early. I'm hoping the girls get to sit on the bus and stay warm. Otherwise, I'm putting as many as can fit in my car with the heater on. Her uniform is all ready set out for her for after her shower. I have a few "new" parts to it downstairs. They asked us to have them in a white turtleneck shirt under their leotard and of course, headband (a winter one, not a everyday, hold your hairback one), gloves and scarf. I also have nice thick cotton tights for her also. So we'll see how this goes today. LOL
I'll try and video tape today, but my hands will be full of coats. Guy does have his uncle's seats for the game though and they're right behind where she'll be performing, so that counts for something...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the Old... In with the New...

So... I haven't posted much here in the past year. I know. It hasn't been the best year so I'm so hoping that 2011 will be a much better for all of us.

I'm going Gluten-Free totally because of a wheat allergy. I have recently come to realize that everytime I eat wheat, my body starts to revolt. I haven't been totally good up to this point, but it's hard around the holidays when starting out. But now my body will start to thank me and I'll start actually feeling better.

The kids are starting their "computer club" with Daddy. They are actually in their first session right now... learning about networks and how things work through the network and internet. They seem enraptured at this time. They're actually paying attention, answering his questions and coming up with their own questions. This may be a good thing for them to actually become interested and learn about the family business.

I'm also going to start making fun lunches for the kids when they take their lunches to school. We'll see how they like it.

Another thing we're going to try is to have one day a week where we make a different dish we've never made before. Today we're trying Tyler Florence's - Beef Wellington. Of course, I'm peeling off the crust and just eating the insides, but it should be fun.

Hope that this New Year finds everyone healthy and happy.

BTW - I'm also starting a new blog to help me keep my Gluten-Free diet in tow... :) I'll post a link here for anyone that wants to read it. But it's mainly to help keep me honest.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Wow... didn't realize it's been so long...

So... what's up in the lives of the Kittelsons...

Ken and Arcadia have both started back to school. Ken's now in Third grade and Arcadia's in First. Both love their teachers so far.

Ken is now a Bear Cub in Cub Scouts... even though his Den Mother (me) has done NOTHING as of yet to advance him on... so sad...

They are both starting music lessons. Ken takes piano and actually seems to be liking it. I think it has a lot to do with his teacher. She's absolutely crazy, but she makes learning fun for him. Arcadia has chosen to take violin. Unfortunately we are STILL waiting on her violin to arrive for us to rent for her. ugh...

Arcadia is also now a Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleader. She absolutely LOVES it. She gets to do a performance at certain games with 600 other girls. She has a little uniform and everything. She's already performed at a Rockies Game (baseball) , an Outlaws game (lacrosse) and one Bronco Game. She's performing again on the 26th. But this has also opened other opportunities for us. For example, the entire family gets to be part of the giant American flag at the 9/18 game and then we get to sit in the giant Bronco's barn with other families and watch the game and socialize. Lots of fun!

We still have two hamsters, but are now down a fish. Oh well... makes the hall table that much more open without a tank in the center of it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing loved ones...

Okay... so I haven't posted in a while... but I thought I should...

Lot's has happened since my last post. The biggest being the passing of my Mother's husband Craig. He was a wonderful man, but I'm glad that he's no longer suffering. I'll be going out in June for his Memorial service. We love you Craig!

As for everything else.... nothing seems as important... I'll post at another time..

James Craig McIntyre