Sunday, August 24, 2008

Schedules are getting full around here

I just got off the phone with Ken's soccer coach. Practices are Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to 7. Games are Saturdays starting on the first Saturday of September.

So... let's see... where does that put us now...

Mondays - I have ballet at 7:15
Tuesdays - Pack meetings once a month (3rd Tuesday) don't have a clue on the den meetings yet.
Wednesday - Ken soccer practice 6pm
Thursday - Arcadia ballet 5:15pm
Friday - Ken soccer practice 6pm
Saturday - ballet for me at 9:00am and soccer game for Ken anywhere between 8 and 12noon (we get the schedule on Wednesday)

oh... and Ken is signing up for the Science club again this year (last year they did bottle rockets). This year there are four different ones throughout the year, Ken's only interested in two of the four, so that's good. First one is "Totally Toyriffic" and it starts mid September on Thursdays from 3:35 to 4:35 after school. The next one he is interested in is "Kitchen Chemistry" in February. I just have to turn in the paperwork.

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The5Jones said...

That is my biggest worry about starting school again - the SCHEDULE! Ours is a little less crowded (2 soccer practices, dance class, 2 yoga classes, and CCE), but the youngest hasn't started stuff yet. Thank goodness.
That science class does sound like lots of fun. Is it through the school? I really wish we had soemthing like that. Ashley would love it!