Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Trip (and all our excitement)

Now... I have to say that this was a very interesting trip to Minnesota this time around. First we got there on Thursday the 24th. Nothing out of the ordinary... Guy showed his folks how to use the On-Demand that came with their cable and they were excited to see that they could pull up movies at any time... We also went to a picnic that night in the main park. It was hot, sticky, humid... now I remember why I moved to Colorado... Had the same type of weather

Friday, Guy and Grandpa K took the kids fishing so Grandma J and I went walking around downtown Montevideo. Went shopping at the discount stores and had lunch at a nice place called Valentino's, very nice. :)

We were going to go to the Reunion that night, but we were all tired, we didn't really want to go to the hot spot, etc (just toooo hot and it was outdoors).

Saturday we spent in Milan. We were able to go into the school (my first time in 10 years!). Beautiful building, but what I wish that it could be used! It's sad to see only five rooms out of so many being used. Beautiful wood floors in the main building.

We played outside on the old swingset that Guy played on all his school time. We forgot to take our camera on the playground, but had fun just the same.

We all then went into town and went to "Billy's Maple Tree" - a nice shop with a bunch creations from local artists, etc. Always fun to go into. Then had lunch at the "MORE Cafe". We then went back to the school building and played in the gym for a while (We got the key from Ann Thompson at Billy's). Guy found some old books in a closet in the gym and found one of his science books (of course, we took it... ;)) Then back to the house for a nap and to get ready for Guy's reunion that night. Those pictures are still on Guy's camera... will post them when I get them off the camera. It was a lot of fun, I have met a lot of these people at prior reunions and it was nice to see them all. Being that Guy's from a class of 22 he knows all his class, unlike me... class of 998 (give or take) and there's no way of knowing if I do show up to one of mine if I'd know anyone. Doubt I'll ever go...

Sunday Guy went to Canada with his Dad, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, and three family friends (men of course) to go fishing at Lake of the Woods. They all had fun and it was a good bonding trip... I didn't go, so I won't be saying too much more...

I was sick with a stomach bug on Sunday so needless to say, I didn't do a whole lot that took me away from a bathroom. Monday, I felt a bit better and we went to the big park with great playground and then had the cousins come over to play...

Tuesday we went to the cousins house... sorry no pictures... just wasn't in the mood. Ken stayed overnight there.
Wednesday, we went to the pool with the cousins. The kids had a blast.
Then came Thursday... We were woken up to lightning and thunder... then hail... then major winds... then a loud crack (I thought it was thunder). Looked outside... saw that the winds were pretty bad... like tornado bad... so we all went down to the basement... lights went out at that same time.
Came upstairs about 30 minutes later (this was about 7:00 am) and listened to the weather radio. Lights still out, etc. We all went outside and found this:
This is where we (meaning Guy and myself) usually park our car when we're visiting. Thank goodness I had parked in the garage since the guys were gone.
There were branches everywhere all over the sidewalk and driveway so we picked up the rakes and brooms and went to work so that the guys could drive up the driveway that night when they got home.
This was Ken's favorite spot to sit... Glad he was in bed instead.
There was a pool there we had dumped it out to clear it out of branches and leaves.
The following are pictures of spots all over town. It was quite interesting to see the devistation that wind could do... no this was NOT a tornado... The weather channel calls them Gust-nados... I would have to agree with that term.
But the kids were not any worse for wear... :)

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Michele said...

HOLY CRAPOLA! Those ones where the roots are ripped from the ground! Gust-nadoes my butt! Freakin' Twister imho!

Love the crane dirt digger thingie!