Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School...

It's nice and quiet here... Both kids have started school today. Sigh... It's so nice to hear NOTHING... but it's only going to last until 11:15 when I have to pick up Arcadia. She's in their "Phase In" days so the new kids learn the routines of going to a new school. I'll post pictures later on today, but in the mean while... enjoy the silence of no siblings fighting... no yelling at the XBox, no yelling "Mom, I'm hungry" "Mom, I'm bored". Etc.

Oh... and Ken LOVED the Cub Scout Pack meeting last night. He can't wait to go to another one (but that doesn't happen until September). No den meetings until after the September pack meeting, because right now, Ken is the only Tiger scout. But I have people that might be interested in getting their kids involved... so I'm roping them and their boys into coming to the next meeting with me... muahahaha

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trashalou said...

Ooo! You have a cunning plan, I like it. Thanks for coming to visit Trash Towers today.