Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet the Teacher Day

Okay... well... we made it through todays grueling ordeal. I mean WOW! Didn't remember last year being so... well... um... hard... LOL

We arrived at the school and went to find Ken's class. Luckily he knew about where the 1st grade classrooms were because lo and behold I sure didn't know. We found his new teacher Mrs. Brackel and went on in to the room. She had it all set up nicely, now Ken's going to have to learn to sit in his seat at his own desk... wow, what a change that will be, huh?

Anyways... we went in to the classroom, looked around, waved hello to a friend we knew from last year and found our desk with our name on it. We put our stuff down and then started loading his pencil box with pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils, eraser and scissors (I hope that was right, eh... we'll find out). Then I sent Ken on a mission to find his cubby, he found it instantly. The teacher then was able to come over and talk to us. She showed Ken his hook for hanging up his backpack, the star student of the week and what that entails, what to do when he arrives to let his teacher know whether he's having hot lunch or cold lunch for the day. Then we went through all the little things, like celebrations for losing a tooth, etc. Let's hope that he does so he can celebrate also. We put all our supplies away, then went out, bought him three new uniform shirts (new logo starting this year... it's really cool), got our Infinite Campus information (a way to log in and find out how he's doing directly from the teachers) and some information about Cub Scouts and PTO.

The Cub Scouts meet tonight at 6:30... so I guess I better get dinner started so that we can attend the family pack night to learn about scouting and see if Ken will enjoy it. Let's hope so!!!

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