Monday, August 18, 2008

This past weekend

Well... let's see... what did we do this weekend you ask... well...

Saturday I had my ballet class and then I came home and rushed to get ready to go to lunch with Guy's Uncle Walt and Aunt Jean and our cousins Kevin and Marybeth at CB&Potts over by Flatiron Mall. Truthfully... the salad was good, the company was good, but the service stank. Poor Arcadia... she only order Mac and Cheese and hers was the last to show up at the table at least a good 10 minutes wait after we were all served. Ken's hotdog was a little burned. Ugh... we only made him eat half of it.

We then came back home and I did some cleaning and some other stuff and then my friend showed up and we went to Bunco at another friend's house. Lots of fun!!!! I even won "Most Losses". Got my $5 and another $5! Woot... First time I've won in over a year! :) I told Guy that and he said... Only in a Woman's game do you get rewarded for being last... I said... "Yep, and I won". LOL

Sunday we had to go to one of our client sites. Thing about IT... you are always working (especially a self employed person). So... went there and the kids had a blast running back and forth with Daddy and then they ended up in the car with me and watched SpongeBob on my phone (Thank goodness for Sprint TV).

Then we went over to Elitch's (I have pictures, but I can't find the right cable to get them off my camera). First we hit the Merry Go Round, then we went to the kiddie roller coaster. Arcadia actually went around ALL THREE TIMES!!! Yeah! (they stop after each circuit to let off any kid that might be too scared). Then we caught the Dog Show. Arcadia liked watching all the doggie's do tricks with frisbees and the weave polls. Then we hit the Tilt-a-Whirl (Arcadia's absolute favorite ride) and then Guy took Ken on the Eric the Red boat (I know it has another name, but I don't remember it right now). Then Ken and I went on the Troica and then went home. Whoo... it turned out to be a very long day.

Oh and that morning I met with the other Andrea and her kids - Jack and Delaney - and we made the final arrangements for car pooling! That started this morning!!!! She dropped off Delaney, picked up Arcadia and headed on over to the school. She didn't believe me when I told her that Arcadia was a social butterfly until Arcadia started telling her Knock Knock jokes and talking to Jack and all. Delaney had a little more issues, but her tears stopped about half way down the block when we were laughing at Ken's antics on the way to school. I pick them both up in about 3 hours and then we have snacks and homework (if any) or play (if no homework) until the next switch. I think this just might work!!! :)


Trooper Thorn said...

They never said back in college that getting into IT meant coming in on weekends and staying late on Fridays to migrate, test, implement etc. I should have gone to optometry school.

Andie said...

Well, even then you have eye emergencies... LOL

Mommy Cracked said...
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Mommy Cracked said...

Congratulations! You've won one of the List Caddys in my giveaway!

Please email me your mailing address at and I will get it right out to you.

Sorry for the deleted comment. I messed up! LOL!