Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swim lessons

Ken and Arcadia have finished their first round of swim lessons. Ken's actually doing much better with his swim techniques. He just really needs to refine his overhand strokes.

Arcadia's doing really well, but she seems to have issues with doing the stuff on her own. She'll do all the strokes and kicks as long as the instructor is holding on to her. The second he let go she started flailing. Guess we need to work on the learning how to do it on her own. Our next round starts next Monday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pinewood Derby Time!

Ken's Cub Scout Pack had their Pinewood Derby. Both Ken and Arcadia had cars in the race.

I'll let you take a gander at whose is whose... LOL

Ken raced the Wolf Den (since he's a Wolf... LOL) Arcadia raced in the Open competition

These are the Cars for the Wolf Division... Trevor's was named the "Swamp Gator". It was cute... it even had googly eyes. Ken's is "Green Lightening"

Here are Trevor and Ken at the finish line (yes, I didn't dress Ken in uniform, bad Den leader, bad)

After three heats, Ken's car was first. No need to continue to two more heats.

Ken got a nice certificate for winning.

Ken went on to race in the finals against the winners from the Tigers, Bears and Webelos. Ken's car won four out of five races. (One race his wheel came off the car, we had to do a quick pit stop between heats).

Here are the top three winners. It was Wolf, Bear and Webelos.

I also thought I'd through in a few pictures for fun from the end of last year.

That's all for now... but there WILL be more... :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, Fresh Starts

This new year has been going well so far... Ken and Arcadia started back to school on Tuesday and they are happy to be back (as am I!). Ken's getting ready for his Pinewood Derby this weekend. We worked on the car Sunday and he sanded, painted, painted, painted... LOL I did some detail work to it and then put a clear glossy coat on it. Wheels are on and the car is weighted... let's see how well it works and how fast it will go. Arcadia also built hers (well, okay, so I'm doing most of it)... she picked the colors and painted it... I added stickers and clear gloss coat. Will be putting the weights and wheels on tomorrow...

Ken has a new teacher to start out the new year. He was very heartbroken when he learned his old teacher was moving to California. He really seems to like his new teacher. He was very excited to learn that there were a bunch of different things around.

We started swim lessons this week. Mondays and Wednesdays. We missed last night due to extremely poor road conditions. I know, I know... but I don't think the kids needed to be exposed to sub zero temps with wet hair, ya know. We'll hit the class on Monday.

The kids are also getting excited about their birthday's coming up. Ken wants his at The Denver Hop and Arcadia's having a swim party. I got everything reserved, now to party preps. :)