Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of the Month

Wow, I can't believe it's only 26 days until Christmas! Where did this month go? I certainly don't remember it going by so quickly before. This month was jammed pack with activities and we sure kept busy. Next month looks to be just as busy! Next weekend we plan on having our company party. The weekend after Arcadia has her ballet recital on Friday night OR we can attend her Peace Program for school. They are both on the same nights at the same time. She just has to decide which one is more important to her. Either way the next day is the Festival of Lights here in town and her ballet school will be performing as long as the weather is nice. Ken's cub scout pack is in the parade that night and we start work on the float at 3 that afternoon. Oh and speaking of Scouts, earlier that same week we have Ken's pack meeting where he will get his Pinewood Derby Car... Woot... that's the exciting stuff!

Then the weekend after that we have a Client Christmas party to attend and then that week is Christmas... Geez... enough to do, don't you think? It'll go by quickly, I know...

Hope everyone got their fill of turkey this past Thursday! I know I did. :)

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