Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well... we've gotten our first substantial snowfall of the season. The kids loved seeing it come down this morning. I have to admit it is beautiful to watch falling, but after the first few minutes I realize that along with the snow comes shoveling... which I need to do, I'm just sitting here at my desk looking out of the window and hoping that the sun, which has just recently come out, will start it's job of melting the snow. I did have a very nice neighbor come by with his snow blower and cleared off some of our sidewalk. I should of grabbed him and bribed him to do our driveway and sidewalk up to our house. I just don't wanna! Maybe I can get Ken to do it! He's old enough now! Almost 7 counts... he can earn a couple dollars!

The scout meeting went really well this week. The boys really loved making snowflakes and decorating ornaments. They will be getting their Pinewood Derby cars at the next Pack meeting. It's the project that the boys (and their fathers) look most forward to every year. They get a block of wood and four wheels and a set of instructions:

I'll take a picture of Ken as he designs and makes his with Daddy.

Next Friday we have Arcadia's recital. She's doing the Russian dance from the Nutcracker (I really need to buy some tickets to take her to a real production this year, I think she'd like it). Then on Saturday, Ken's in the "Festival of Lights" Parade. We have to get to the site at 3:30 to decorate the float with tons and tons of lights. The parade is after 5:00 (when it starts getting dark here) so Ken gets to actually ride on a float! Pictures will be sure to follow!!!

Arcadia's school party has been moved to the following Thursday which really makes it a lot nicer for our scheduling! Thank goodness. Should be fun.

Then the kids will be home for a few weeks for Winter break. Should be fun... but I will have to plan some playdates for the kids so they don't drive me up the walls those two weeks! LOL ;)

I suppose I should get back to work now.

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