Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scout's Honor

I have received my uniform for Scouting... Now, to put all the pieces together. Who knew how hard it was to do this. I certainly don't remember all the stuff that went into it (okay... so I really do remember... I remember going to JC Penney's with Mom and going to the scouting section of the store and getting all the stuff. I just never had to put it all together... LOL) With Boy Scouting I can either go to http://www.scoutstuff.org/ to get my stuff or I can drive to down town Denver (which really NEVER happens!) to get it... ALOT easier to get my stuff online, I'll tell ya! And I had to go hunt down Navy trousers, do you KNOW how hard it is to find those things in this area??? I finally found two different pairs at Kohls. I stuck with the Lee's since I like those... LOL

As for things on the Ken front... He's on yellow already this week. That boy just can't keep his hands to himself. He's talking and chatting and bugging neighbors and friends across the way. He's already at the front of the room nearest to the teacher when she's at the board. Just never knew that the little boy that wouldn't talk for the longest time is getting in trouble because he's the main talker in the class.

Ken does also have two loose teeth!!! Finally! They aren't very wiggly, but they certainly aren't stuck in place any longer. Yea!!!!

Arcadia is the same as ever. She's doing good in school. We have parent teacher conferences the week of Thanksgiving. She's a real chatterbox, non stop talking here at home. At least she's not like that at school (that we know of... yet).

That's it for now. I have new pictures of the kids and their friends from two weekends ago. It's so cute...

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