Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update on the kiddos

Let's see... this past week has been very full. Ken went down to "red light" at his school. His teacher states that he was almost on "blue" which is the one where he'd be grounded from everything and stuck in his room except for food and potty and soccer. Ughh... we've got to talk more to him about it. I did receive a note from his teacher stating that he needs to be challenged more in school (meaning that the curriculem is too easy for him, thus the reason he acts up) so she's going to come up with some ideas to do so. We'll have to see if that improves his behaviour.

Soccer is going very well. Ken really did well on Saturday. He even got a goal. He was very proud and he also played goalie for a part and he did really really good, even the coach was very impressed. That's a good thing, right? ;)

Let's see... Arcadia is doing great in school. The city had a ground breaking ceremony for the new library and her school was invited. Her teacher stated that she was the best behaved at the ceremony, that she stayed still and listened to every thing. I'm so proud.

Wednesday night we had a BBQ/Picnic for Arcadia's school. That was fun and the kids had a blast. When we got to the park, Arcadia stated that she saw some of the kids from school. Then she saw her teachers and said "Mommy, my teachers are here too!" She was soooo excited and didn't stay still at all the entire time. LOL We all thought it was quite cute.

The kids also "helped" with staining the inside of the fence. They didn't like the fact that it got all over them and they couldn't wash it off. Lovely. They decided to stop at that point... Oh well...

That's all for now.

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