Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now it's time for my pictures

Pics from my camera

Being a true tourist in the Empire State Building.

I thought this was pretty... :) So I took a picture!

One of the many views... not going to bore you all with all the pictures from the top of the building...

Wow... what's Elmo doing in NYC walking down the street.

Oh... what many New Yorker's do at lunch time... get a hotdog from the Vendors!

Up close and personal with Lady Liberty's face.

My pic of the Lady.

Our hotel room... ain't it purty? and the bed was so soft and the lights came on automatically. Oh and there were "night lights" that came on in the night under the night stand and under the bathroom vanity when you walked around at night so you wouldn't knock over anything.

Just a quick pick of 30 Rock

In Central Park... these skaters were really neat to watch. It was like they were on ice!

My favorite Degas painting.

At the Times Square Toys R Us... these were entirely built from Legos!


Michele said...

Okay, I'm totally cracking up that ELMO is over there eating a hot dog! He's probably trying to "find" his way BACK to Sesame Street, kwim?!?!? ROFL! Beautiful pics!

Andie said...

It just shocked Guy and I to see Elmo crossing the street in front of us. I was like, quick get the camera out... It's Elmo! and then we tried our best to get a good shot of "him". LOL He may be getting a pretzel instead... it was hard to tell from across the street... LOL

huixian2611 said...

it was really nice to be able to enjoy some of the nice view of NYC.Love the huge wall feature of the Liberty's face..:D