Friday, September 26, 2008

Is my child gifted?

Well... with all the behavioural problems we've been having with Ken, we were starting to wonder if he's really being pushed to his level of learning at school. I looked up gifted educational programs in the Colorado area and have found a few. One is called Stargate School and isn't too far from us. I've heard a lot about this school so I started looking into it. On the application it states we need to get an IQ test done for him to start the enrollment process for next year (it's already too late for this year, but we shall see, maybe I can get both kids in??? It is a free public school!)

Anyways... Looking up where to do IQ testing lead me to this:

Traits of Giftedness:

a good reader - which Ken is the best in his class
learns rapidly - depends on the subject but he's usually a sponge
excellent vocabulary - sometimes... LOL he is 6 so he says things I don't expect
very articulate - sometimes, othertimes not...
intense - often
good sense of humor - laughs at everything and loves to make up jokes
moral sensitive – things must be fair - especially between he and his sister
perfectionist - not so much. It depends on how much he cares for what it is
feelings hurt easily – sensitive - to a fault
curious - loves to ask questions and find things
high energy - umm... yea... this one answers itself!
prefer older friends - his best friend is in third grade
has a range of interests - loves soccer, spongebob, reading, sci fi, etc.
is logical - depends on what this is for, but not always
self taught - he taught himself reading once he understood the concept
questions authority - ALL THE TIME!!!!
has an ability to work things out in their head very quickly - sometimes, but not the majority
has strong views or opinions - very much so
has a lively imagination - you could say that.

So... after seeing this list... I have a definate idea that he would be on the gifted side. I just have to get the testing done... Shall update later on that front.

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