Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's officially fall and now the weather matches the season. The leaves are starting to change and the sun sets so much earlier that soon Ken's going to practicing soccer in the dark. Hmm... I wonder what we'll do then? I guess his coach will have ideas. He's really good at defense, but needs some work on offense. He's afraid to take the ball away from the other kids to take it to the goal.

I walk the kids to school every morning and home from school in the afternoons. He's having a blast crunching the leaves on the sidewalk. He is loving fall so far. Now lets just get a rake in his hands so he can jump in a pile of leaves... :)

Arcadia is having a blast practicing her dance for the Christmas Recital. I can't wait to see her on stage... :)

I'll have to post some pictures as soon as I get them off our camera.

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