Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ken and School

Well... we seem to be doing okay with it all... He's still getting in trouble for not sitting still in class and for talking (hmmm... go figure), so he's mainly on a yellow light the entire time. I am one of the Room Mom's so I go in once a week and help out the teacher with filing, copying, etc. I'm also in charge of helping get the kids parent's that volunteered to remember to help when they state they would - for example, we have a class Fiesta next Friday, so we have parents signing up to bring food, pinatas, candy for said pinatas and bats to break the said pinatas. Also parents have signed up to help that day and they have to be there (my self included) at 9:45 am to help set up tables for the food and get everything up and organized for the kids. They're having a Fiesta in honor of Mexican Independence Day. (Any excuse for a party) and they're only having a half day that day. There's also the field trip to the zoo in three weeks... they are now looking for volunteers to be chaparones for that day... I'm not thinking I'll make it... we'll see!

Oh... and now we're off to our monthly Cub Scout Pack meeting. Boy, I sure hope there are more kids than Ken that sign up... Wish us luck!

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Michele said...

Holy crap! You're allowed a Mexican Independence Day?? (I'm still puzzling that ONE out in my head!?) We're squeak out Valentine's Day, Christmas and Easter. Honestly, who can eat THAT many freakin' cupcakes!?