Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick update

Just a real quick update for you all.

Ken is on yellow light still (this is a good thing, he has NOT been moved yet and it's Friday tomorrow and only a half day!). He's absolutely crazy about soccer now, I have a feeling once he realizes that he can watch it on TV, he will and we along with him. He has his Fiesta tomorrow at school and then is going with Daddy in the afternoon to "help" out.

Arcadia is doing really well. She is constantly spelling out letters from billboards and signs and saying her numbers every time she seems them on signs. I remember Ken going through a similar phase right before things really clicked for him with reading.

We've been watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies this past week. (Only a little every night, it's an incentive for the kids to behave, etc. - about 30 to 45 minutes). Ken is absolutely entranced and is LOVING Jack Sparrow. I have a feeling that's what he'll want to be for Halloween... now to go find the costume out there... somewhere... Arcadia, of course, will be a ballerina/princess/fairy... the fairy part being the new thing. I'll have to go to Michaels to pick her up some stuff to make wings and "fairy dust" aka. glitter to decorate said wings. Of course Ken also said he wanted to be WALL-E this year and I could actually make that one!

Arcadia started practicing for her Christmas recital tonight at ballet. Her class is doing a dance to the Russian song from the Nutcracker. Lots of twirling! Perfect for a bunch of four year old girls!!!! Our instructor wants to put the adults into it also this year... we're not sure if we really want to... she keeps shouting "angels - you can be angels!" and then "oooo - marzipan, you can be marzipan!" yeah.... we'll see, don't hold your breath though.

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