Friday, October 17, 2008


Guy and I attended the school's open house last night. It was very interesting, but it kind of shattered Guy's and My hopes on Ken and Arcadia going there. They work on a lottery system. First they look at who qualifies, those that don't are out (K&A definately qualify, we found that out last night). Then they fill slots from qualified siblings. Then they go in district and then out of district. Ughh... Nothing like being out of district. They only have 66 openings for Kindergarten and have around 6 siblings that are filling the first slots and they have 90 applications already received over all... now the applications also include all grades K to 8. Oh so much fun. All we can do is finish the paperwork and then pray. The good thing is is that if one of them gets in then the other is definately a shoe in!

Just keep your fingers crossed!!!!

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