Monday, October 13, 2008

So much for my costume ideas

I don't have the time... nor do I really want to make Wall-e out of a cardboard box. Can you imagine what his costume would be like if it was snowing that night? And he also has to wear it at least two times before that.

And there is NO way I'm making an EVE costume... nope... no way, no how...

And for those of you that aren't familiar with Wall-E and Eve... here are their pictures:
We have talked Ken into another costume (because the official Wall-E costume is sold out everywhere or it's over $100 and that's just ridiculous). I had him sit with me to look online at costumes and he decided on Indiana Jones... Yea!!! and Arcadia's going to be a Fairy Princess or just a Fairy, I don't know. Daddy is taking them shopping right now while I wait on hold with one of our vendors... oh the exciting life I lead. He is then taking them to dinner and I get to go to ballet with no intrusions!!! Woo hoo!!!
I'll post pictures of the two as soon as I can in costume... :)

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