Monday, October 6, 2008

And this week...

Let's see... quick summary of our weekend. We were on call this weekend. We were all going to go to Elitch's but that didn't happen. The phone kept ringing and so I was unable to go, but at least the kids had fun there with Daddy. Saturday I went to ballet and then came back to the phones acting just as nutty as a normal weekday. I was unable to get to Ken's game (where he scored a goal) and ended up being able to get away really easily in order to go to the grocery store since we were in desperate need of milk and what not.

Sunday we had the usual. Went on a bike ride with the kids after lunch now that Ken's gotten so good at it and did a tour of the playgrounds around us. Kids loved that! Watched a movie with Guy and that's about all.

Now... for this week's line up.... Ken has soccer practice tomorrow night and Thursday night. We have to miss his Pack meeting because of soccer, but they totally understand. Thursday night we also have Arcadia's ballet class. I have ballet tonight, hopefully it will be a really good workout for me...

Ken has spirit week at school. That means.. today he gets to wear Red (and jeans!), tomorrow is picture day, I still don't know what to dress him in, Wednesday is "Blast from the Past" - have no clue there either. I'm thinking a preppy boy from the 80's. We'll see. Thursday is sports day (which is PERFECT since he has soccer practice, he'll wear his uniform sans cleats) and Friday is Twin, Triplet, etc. day where he can dress like friends. I don't think he'll be doing that one, but what do I know?

Arcadia's going to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. I believe it's an early day for her, but I can't quite remember... her school will send out reminders.

Next Thursday, we (Guy and I) have to go to the new school for their open house to see how we as parent's feel about it. And Friday is Ken's "Harvest Hop" which is basically a carnival for the school. His teacher passes out candy and so the other room mom and I are trying to brainstorm ideas for decorating the door. I asked the teacher if she had any ideas what she wanted to be this year... she's trying to decide. I thought a book theme would be good. I have "The Wicked Witch of the West" costume she could use as well as a Goddess and a peasant girl from the reinessance era. I'm sure I could find books (like Odyssus or King Arthur) to fit those two costumes... we just have to have her make up her mind.... Ohh... I'm starting to get ideas!!! AND I still have to make the kids costumes... I have to find time for a trip to Michaels or Joann's to get what I need!

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