Monday, August 8, 2011

School Daze

Now that I haven't posted in so long... I finally decide I need to post. LOL

The kids go back to school next weekend. That being said, they still have to go twice for testing (each) plus the Back to School ice cream social/meet the teacher on Friday, so it's like they are already back, wouldn't you say?

I was made a Squad Mom for the Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleaders this year. Yay. No... I don't get free/discounted tickets to the games because my job is to be with the girls... LOL You'd be surprised how often I get asked that. But I work with a great group of girls and a wonderful Big Cheerleader - Lelanna. :) She's great. And now that the football season is upon us, the girls are busier and busier. We have our first performance next weekend at the Saturday Preseason Game. We have practice this weekend at a different time, different place than normal. So much fun...

Thought I'd do a quick update! :) That's all for now.

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