Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the Old... In with the New...

So... I haven't posted much here in the past year. I know. It hasn't been the best year so I'm so hoping that 2011 will be a much better for all of us.

I'm going Gluten-Free totally because of a wheat allergy. I have recently come to realize that everytime I eat wheat, my body starts to revolt. I haven't been totally good up to this point, but it's hard around the holidays when starting out. But now my body will start to thank me and I'll start actually feeling better.

The kids are starting their "computer club" with Daddy. They are actually in their first session right now... learning about networks and how things work through the network and internet. They seem enraptured at this time. They're actually paying attention, answering his questions and coming up with their own questions. This may be a good thing for them to actually become interested and learn about the family business.

I'm also going to start making fun lunches for the kids when they take their lunches to school. We'll see how they like it.

Another thing we're going to try is to have one day a week where we make a different dish we've never made before. Today we're trying Tyler Florence's - Beef Wellington. Of course, I'm peeling off the crust and just eating the insides, but it should be fun.

Hope that this New Year finds everyone healthy and happy.

BTW - I'm also starting a new blog to help me keep my Gluten-Free diet in tow... :) I'll post a link here for anyone that wants to read it. But it's mainly to help keep me honest.

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