Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Update

Thought I'd shoot a quick update out. Ken's last day of school is on Thursday and he's very excited (of course). His soccer team did wonderful this year. His coach stated that they were "undefeated", but since we "don't keep score" that's unofficial... ;) We're signing him up for 1/2 day soccer camp this summer to help improve his soccer skills so he's more of an asset to the team next season (August)

Ken has moved on up to the world of Wolf Cubs (as have I, being the leader of the den). The boys did a skit at the pack meeting and had everyone cracking up. They loved it.

Arcadia is officially out (as you already knew that) of school, so has had a playdate every day with a good friend of hers. They alternate between our house and theirs and it makes life easier on me and her friend's mother.

We're also signing up the kids for Vacation Bible School. That starts next Monday. The theme is Crocodile Rock. We'll have to see how they like it. :)

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