Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Ski Weekend

Well, we all survived... LOL

Arcadia did really well with her lessons... She's the small one in the center of the photograph there. (yeah, I know.. the only one without a helmet, but I ask you... what's she going to run into on the slope in ski school?)

I have video of her skiing and dancing, but for some reason I'm having difficulties uploading them. I'll try again later today. ;)

Ken had a wonderful time while up there... He got skittles and everything. I am truly amazed at how good of a skier he is. He just zipped down the mountain with absolutely no qualms about it. Ahh... to be six and to not have to worry about anything... LOL Oh well... Next year I'll be up there with them (Arcadia included)... hopefully my knee won't be too bad... I can tell you now though that I am super sore! Oh well...

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