Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The beginning

Well... I guess if I'm going to start somewhere it should be at the beginning, huh? LOL Of course I won't start at the total beginning, I'll just start at the beginning of this year. With pictures of the kiddo's, so that I can update everyone on their doings.
On the left here we have a very happy Four Year Old girl on her birthday with her friends. They all go to the same school and are all good friends with one another. And believe it or not, the one next to Arcadia on her left is a week younger than her and the blonde girl two girls down from Arcadia on her right is also a week younger. My poor little short girl... LOL she's my sweetie though...

Now this mob is Ken's party. Yep... I had a mob of kids... why? Well, Ken couldn't decide who he wanted there... He wanted all of his kindergarten class and amazingly enough, most of them showed up. We had 16 kids (including my two). I never realized my son was so popular. Well... I guess it's something I'm going to have to get used to. And not all that wanted to come were unable to come because of sickness or family things that came up at the last minute.
The cake above was my feeble attempt at making a "cheese" cake. Kids loved it so I guess that's alright.
I'm will have to post more later, but at least this is a start... right?

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