Sunday, June 1, 2008

The World through My Son's Eyes

My son received a camera from his Grandma Cindy last Friday... these are pictures that he took (or his friends took). He took around 217 pictures and videos. After I got through with going through them and deleting all the black pictures and pictures of the TV and videos He's now down to 103. Still a lot of those are blurry and hard to tell, so I'm sure I'll go through them more.


The always necessary picture of the finger... (L)
My Dear Daughter acting goofy... (R)

Extreme close ups of my daughter

Various "artistic pieces" from around the house

My Little Girl wearing EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF JEWELRY her Grandma sent her... LOL

The Infamous Artiste himself...

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Michele said...

I LOVE the chalk picture! You should make that your background on your MySpace page!!